Wednesday, May 12, 2010

News from wheelchair recipient...

From Red Thread Promise President Kathy Korge who is currently in Haiti

Willem took Tom Landry and me to the home of Blanc earlier today. He is the recipient of the first wheelchair. He told us that because of the chair he is able to do the physical therapy his doctor has told him to do. Before he did not have a chair to sit in properly to do therapy. Willem says that from just a month ago his legs have gotten stronger. Blanc says his upper body is stronger because of the use of the chair.

Willem and his boys delivered the chair to Blanc in March. One month almost to the date Blanc's sons shows up at Willem's home to thank him or his father's chair. Saying because of the chair his father can get out of the house and work some.
Blanc thanked us many times for the chair.

He fits well in the chair. I let him know that an air pump and tire patch kit will be delivered to him as soon as the first container arrives. His tires need air already.
We also let him know that maintenance parts will be stored at MTM when he is in need of repairs or maintenance.

Not sure what all was in the pocket on the chair back but it was full of stuff.

Tom did take pictures and as soon as they are sent from his camera to my computer.

Kathy Korge Albergate President

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