Thursday, October 7, 2010

Haiti needs our guidance

Due to the fact that Haitians are currently in a position where there is no work available and the fact that most of the goods being imported to Haiti are humanitarian aid and tax exempt, there is no money flowing to the government to provide services or rebuild from the earthquake. To make matters worse, the Haitians have yet to receive the aid the USA has promised.

Please keep the Haitians in your prayers. If you are one that can apply pressure on the government in the USA to follow through with promises please do so. Haiti needs help building infrastucture and needs to find a way to get folks back to productive work to build the economy. Haiti needs leadership found in programs like Heifer International and Rotarian programs to get the economy back to a sustainable level.

The world is our stage, and it is time for us to perform!

From Mountain Top Ministries in Haiti...

Your prayers & thoughts are encouraging in these times as we move forward in ministry. Please pray specifically for the people of Haiti that they would rise to the occasion to be responsible for what it being given to them. Times are hard, but many are here helping. Sometimes they do not help in a way that is beneficial to the people, however, if the people will be responsible with the gift, God will honor them!

Blessings upon all that you put your hands to do.


Willem & Beth Charles

Mountain Top Ministries, Haiti

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